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How do you motivate a leader who has no interest in seeing or understanding their role in DE&I?

Despite the growing challenges and opportunities created by our interconnected worlds, many leaders do not know how to lead through situations in which there are misunderstandings or opposing opinions rooted in differences (i.e. racial, generational).

It’s the different perspectives, strong emotions, and high stakes of the situation or conversation that places us at the crossroads of results or understanding. I have found that very little time is spent preparing leaders, at all levels, to understand their role in the process/policies and become comfortable asking the questions…"WHY" attrition of certain demographics are what they are, "WHY" leadership positions are under represented, or "WHY" succession planning numbers are under represented.

--- Reframing the situation for the leader as a business problem rather than a personal issue may be effective.

For example, compare the situation to a customer service experience. Ask the leader, “If your customers were unhappy with their experience as it relates to your product or service, wouldn’t you change it? Then why not apply the same perspective to the needs of your “internal customers”, i.e. your employees?”

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