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2021 LEADERSHIP CONSTRUCTION PLAN…To learn is to grow - and to grow is to change!!

To get re-grounded in how you would like to engage with your team and the impact you would like to make on your goals and objectives , I recommend this simple yet impactful 4-Step exercise to learn how those in your "trusted circle" would like you to interact with them.

A simple exercise:

  1. Choose one behavior you want to improve on.

  2. Describe the objective.

  3. Ask your peers and colleagues for suggestions in getting better.

  4. Listen, and say thank you.

Learning is an important first step. The second step is to transition what is learned into disciplined action. Marshall Goldsmith has described this need in the following way: “There is no evidence the world is a better place because of what we know. The world is a better place because of what we do.”

Share a behavior you would like to dial up or dial down to create safety and increase engagement with members of your team to help them cope during these unprecedented times of change and distress.

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