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Words are how we think.  Stories are how we link. 

~ Christina Baldwin

Monica is a POWERFUL storyteller.  Storytelling has been a learned way of communication for Monica-having had the experience of learning about her family through story from her 94 year old grandfather.  So, she teaches through strategic stories...she coaches through strategic stories…and she makes every-day connections through all types of stories.   One might ask, "Don't we all tell stories?" and the answer would be YES.  The stories Monica tells, however, are purposeful - crafted with an intent to help an audience to think, feel, or do differently differently after the interaction.


Storytelling is the exchange of something meaningful shared from one person to another. (inform)


Strategic storytelling is telling the right story at the right time to shape the way your audience thinks and feels, and moves them towards a desired action. (motivate/inspire)


Through her speaking engagements, Monica provides a dynamic and interactive exchange, challenging leaders and entrepreneurs to use their experiences for good and to use their authentic voices to inspire change and promotes organizational effectiveness.


As an HR professional, educator, motivational speaker—with over a decade of work in leadership spaces—Monica has observed first-hand how leaders reflecting and sharing their struggles, mistakes, lessons learned, and accomplishment -- build a climate of safety and trust needed to create a culture of change and learning.

Topics:  Inclusion & Diversity, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Change Leadership, Feedback, Team Dynamics, Parallel Thinking, and Future of Work to name a few.

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