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What's Your Tolerance Level?

Let’s talk about how showing vulnerability, gives a connection to hold on to, which increases the commitment to change (future state)! As a leader, when you know-and-show-yourself enough, there is going to be a certain level of discomfort because you are revealing that you are not perfect (shocker). Guess what…your team already knows that. It’s in your best interest to show that level of authenticity and vulnerability to allow them to experience you as the human that you are, which allows for the added degree of connection.

Techniques I have experienced from leaders demonstrating vulnerability and authenticity:

  • It’s okay to NOT have all the answers, find them out together.

  • It’s okay to talk about personal challenges, in a way that guides and informs.

  • It’s okay ask questions for insight, in a way that is open and non-judgmental.

Challenge: Share with us the technique or strategy you have used or observed?

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