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Change the Cultural Narrative: Empathy-Authenticity-Vulnerability

As a leader, in addition to being authentic, which by definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “being true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character;” vulnerability is also a way of connecting with your team. And with the current climate in the world today, EMPATHY, AUTHENTICITY & VULNERABILITY are the actions to live by.

Vulnerability is letting people in, knowing they may get close enough to hurt you. Trusting someone with your "heart" or reputation knowing they will discover that you are not perfect. Know that we know that your perfection is a mask…Remember, the people you have the deepest connection with are those who acknowledge their weakness. When you self disclose to your followers, you make yourself vulnerable and in most cases uncomfortable as well. It’s in your best interest to show that level of authenticity and vulnerability as a means of showing your teams your are only human, which allow for the added degree of connection. Know and show your self enough - to maximize your learning and the impact you have on others.

Your teams need a judgement-free zone.

Judgement-free zones builds trust.

Trust builds relationships.

Relationships change the cultural narrative.

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