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Reclaim the power of your mindset.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching 

When others acknowledge behavior change

Are you a leader who needs to increase your level of impact on business results?  Are you an entrepreneur looking to enhance your leadership and communication skills? Impacting  can help:

  • Delegate more effectively - allowing you time and energy to be strategic

  • Listen to different points of view with an open mind before giving your opinion

  • Develop and link team strategy to business strategy

  • Dial  leadership style to meet the specific needs of your team 


If so, Impacting   can help you build your capability! 


What you will need to bring to this level of engagement is courage to ask, humility to listen and say thank you, and discipline to implement change.  This well defined, highly effective and time efficient process is a proven methodology with measurable results.


How is this method different from other coaching methodologies?

The fundamental principles of Stakeholder Centered Coaching – attention on the stakeholders, emphasis on the future, and parallel behavior/perception change – are distinguishing features of this process. 


Additionally, most executive coaching and leadership development focuses on a process of feedback as the key to improving. While feedback is an important part of the process we emphasize what Marshal Goldsmith termed “FeedForward” – a very simple process focusing on suggestions for the future.


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