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I never changed, I just learned. 

~ Diana Tinoco

In this ever-changing world, it’s time to be deliberate about what it will take to mobilize your organization towards the future!  Whether it’s stretching their thinking, collaborating cross-functionally, or coaching teams to their full potential, Impacting   will use a suite of topics and multi-faceted development approaches to provide the guidance to develop your roadmap that will create a highly engaged and productive climate.


Impacting   is committed to helping your leaders better engage and motivate their teams. Together, through executive coaching, we will take an approach that enables leaders to learn at their own pace via peer learning and impactful conversations. The development strategy, will be customized to focus on specific areas or situations a leader may face.  The topics identified will guide leaders to work through questions -- such as:


  • What motivates me as a leader and what do my peers value?

  • How do I ensure I am coaching employees in a way that gets them to stretch and grow?

  • How do I delegate effectively, allowing me to lift my head up to be strategic?”


Research has found that employee engagement is a significant barrier in positive and sustainable change in an organization.  Impacting  will focus on delivering talent-led development.  This will entail enhancing leadership capabilities as a means of improving employees trust in leadership. The focus on leadership will optimize employee performance preparing for – during – and while sustaining change, to drive business outcome with tangible results.



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