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Connect with people on a personal level and you will NEVER walk alone.

Stress due to change is unavoidable today… are leaders, project teams, and employees in your organization feeling excited, empowered, anxious, or scared about the changes taking place?  Do they  know how to courageously and proactively engage in the change? Impacting   will partner with you to co-create a comprehensive strategy to implement change, whether it is transformational or light.  

The change enablement strategy will provide knowledge, tools and activities that will enable employees at every level in your organization to successfully navigate to the determined future state.  Working closely with the Project Team, an integrated project plan will be created with focus on the following:

  • Leadership alignment on the need for transformational change, with the development of a strategic change management story

  • Consolidated view of impacts anticipated by stakeholder from the intended future of work implications to change

  • Thoughtful and deliberate approach to stakeholder engagement and executive coaching for sponsors

  • Detailed action plan to keep all stakeholder informed and engaged to enable sustained change

The principles outlined above will inspire, drive, and reinforce the behaviors needed on the journey.  This work will allow leadership to show up in a way that is unique and practical, bringing the HUMAN element to the change initiative while driving business outcome with tangible results.

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