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Impacting Squared

Impact the employee | Impact the organization 

Need to up your game and change how leaders view you?  I'll partner with you to change perceptions and impact FASTER.

Need to enhance your skills to mobilize your teams towards the future?  I'll help you build your CAPABILITY!

Looking to increase project efficiency with a straight forward change strategy?  I'll show you how bringing the HUMAN ELEMENT to change will benefit and your organization.

Impacting  will help employees at all levels realize their potential--enhancing organizational performance and promotes diversity.


 Services and Solutions

Development approaches to prepare your organization to more effectively meet leaders and employees where they are and to drive business outcomes with tangible results.

Our Services

Executive Coaching

Enabling successful leaders to demonstrating positive and sustained behavior change that is recognized by others. 

Culture Change Enablement

Enable people to be successful in a world where change is constant,by preparing, equipping, and supporting them through...  

Development Support

Enable leaders to better engage and motivate their teams via peer learning and impactful conversations.

Speaking Engagements

Enable an organization to reignite the entrepreneurial spirit and pride in employees at all levels. 


"Monica is a talented organizational development leader who understands how to lead and coach leaders to build strong teams. I highly recommend Monica to help build your organization to face in to today’s business challenges!"

Laura Longacre

Global Change, Tupperware -  Vice President

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