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Returning to the Office

As we are assessing and deciding what the "new norm" will look like, the decision making process is when leaders tend to be most vulnerable. This may be one of the most instrumental times for you to humble yourself starting with asking for assistance, by including diverse leaders and employees in rich dialogue, allowing them to share their ideas. Some leaders see it as a sign of weakness to not have all of the answers, I see it as a way of engaging your teams to take ownership in the future state of the organization. This level of engagement creates team unity, by giving employees at all level a sense of contribution in driving business outcomes with tangible results for of an organization they are proud to work for.

In the simplest form, data (qualitative or quantitative) given context becomes information, information given meaning becomes knowledge, knowledge given insight becomes wisdom, and wisdom given direction becomes decisions. The more employees are included in the decision making process, the greater sense of achievement and energy they will have by the level of trust you demonstrated to involve them.

* Tell your team what you know.

* Tell your team what you don't know.

* Tell your team how and when you will update them - on things you didn't know before - and then do it.

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