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Are You "Virtually" Compatible?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

This work from home environment that we are all experiencing, may not be ideal…because if you are like me, there are multiple of us working - talking - typing - video'ing (a Monica'ism).

I continue to remind myself and clients, that the "shelter in place" is effecting EVERYONE. This disrupter is requiring us to rethink leadership. The way we may have lead while we were face-to-face is drastically different in a 100% virtual world. This is the time to practice empathetic leader. On calls or video meetings, focus on CONNECTION first then move into meeting CONTENT. This shows that you care about them, as much as you do the work.

Creating connection sounds like:

  • How are you and the family managing?

  • What are a few things you have been doing to stay connected to loved ones?

  • What are you doing to stay active?

  • What do you need from me to ensure you/we are connected?

Stay safe and sane though the "stay at home" mandate.

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